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Wecda provides technical consulting to defense counsel or litigation Support Services to incarcerated individuals.


One of the primary components of WECDA is the Habeas Litigation Clinic. 

The majority of our services are geared toward providing meaningful, affordable access to the courts.

Our organization has several experienced,
non-attorney legal professionals who provide post-conviction sentencing services.
We exist because hope does not necessarily run out in the wake of a criminal conviction whether by guilty plea or trial or even in the event of a denial of an appeal. If you are within one year of having been sentenced, or the last action in your case, there is still time to seek relief from your loved one’s imposed term of imprisonment.

Our expertise is in providing experienced litigation support services to those seeking relief from sentences imposed in the federal arena. We provide analysis, technical consulting, research assistance, and document preparation for licensed legal counsel and their clients who have been convicted in criminal legal proceedings and are seeking redress such as motions under 28 USC Section 2255, Motion to Vacate, 3582 pursuant to a retroactive change in the law or other forms of relief to lessen the impact of the federal sentencing guidelines on the term the court imposed.

Our team of professionals provides specialized services after sentencing and conclusion of the direct appeal, another crucial stage of criminal proceedings.

We also provide litigation support services to individuals directly who plan to proceed pro se in seeking redress.

Habeas Litigation Clinic

Additional Information


If   you or a loved one has been convicted after facing proceedings in the federal   criminal justice system, and are looking at a term of imprisonment. You may   be interested in pursuing avenues of relief through post-sentencing   mitigation.

 If you are in need of someone with a wide range of capabilities and depth of   insight into comprehension of the federal sentencing guidelines and how they   may be used in a manner that may assist you in obtaining a reduction of your   sentence. We are specialists in post-conviction mitigation and understand the   impact of receiving a sentence under the federal sentencing guidelines upon   your life and the lives of those of your family members.

 While you are preparing yourself, family and or friends to face the trauma of   your going to prison, or if you have someone who is incarcerated, you should   consider obtaining a review of your imposed term of incarceration to   determine whether or not are any avenues of redress open to you, I am sure   you will find this information of interest.

We have provided assistance individuals   going pro se and through counsel in the field of post-conviction for a   combined fifty years now, and have spent most of our consulting careers   enabling clients to access The services they need. 

We   meet every response for assistance with three important aspects,   professionalism, empathy and integrity.

Post   Sentencing Mitigation can extend to cases in which a guilty plea was entered,   as well as those in which a jury found the accused guilty of a crime. Whether   a case was related to felony or misdemeanor charges in state or federal   court, knows how and where to look for possible relief. We have handled   countless cases involving almost every type of offense, although we   specialize in white collar offenses.

We   carefully examine all records and documents, including the trial transcript,   looking for judicial mistakes, questions that remain unanswered,   misinformation from counsel of record initially. 

We   have immediate, 24 hours per day, access to the computer records of all the   federal courts in the United States. We also have immediate, 24 hours per   day, access to all federal statutes and court rules as well as all federal   and state case law within hours of the court decisions. 

We   determine whether or not the possibility of relief exists in your case by   performing an initial review and analysis of your sentence based on court   documents upon request. 

We   are specialists in federal sentencing guidelines, restitution, forfeiture and   downward departures. Our teams of professionals have firsthand experience   dealing with the Criminal Justice System and stand ready to assist whether at   sentencing, pre incarceration preparation or post conviction mitigation we   can assist you. 

We ;

will prepare a 2255 motion,   second or successive 2255, certificate of appealability, writ of certiorari,   2241 petition or pro se direct appeal for you to file. 

review, what you have prepared   or had prepared by retained counsel or "jail-house lawyer" and   offer a concurrence or offer advice for correction or changes. 

research specific arguments for   you upon your request, or recommend certain arguments as possibilities for   post conviction remedy review your case for errors and identify the type, be   it plain, harmless or structural error. 

We will also tell you of the   dangers of wasting your first filing right to a 2255 on a frivolous issue,   for the standards for a second or successive are almost insurmountable, so be   cautious with your first filing. Please remember, no one can properly prepare   your Motion under 28 U.S.C. Section 2255 without benefit of reviewing your   Pre-sentence Report-Objections to PSR-Plea Agreement-Judgment and Commitment   and preferably, your Sentencing Transcripts. If you need services to research   any particular issue or area of law, please contact someone who has been   where you sit, understand and empathize with you. 

Many of our staff have walked a   mile in your shoes and will attempt to provide the services you need in a   most thorough and professional manner. We thoroughly review your documents to   identify every issue ripe for redress. 

We will thoroughly research   each issue identified, upon drafting your motion, we spend a great deal of   time, presenting case law in your circuit or a sister circuit to substantiate   each issue raised, and present these issues in the appropriate habeas   petition.


After the initial filings, we   will review your case, at whatever stage of the legal proceeding, and prepare   an analysis of what action, if any may be taken from that point. We will   prepare replies to the government's response to your motions and walk with   you each strep of the way through the proceedings so that you will never feel   abandoned or left on your own to find a resolution.

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"Too many people go to too many prisons for far  too long for no good law enforcement reason We need to ensure that incarceration is used to punish, deter, and rehabilitate-not
merely to warehouse and forget. -Attorney General Eric Holder, August 2013.

WECDA hosts a Federal Clemency Clinic, where we continue to assist incarcerated individuals with gathering documents and preparing for sentence Reduction through the Executive Clemency.
We assist by providing templates of letters of support to families and friends who wish to express their support for the applicant. In addition to the Sentence Reductions through the Executive Clemency process, we also utilize the procedure for application of Mitigation and Remission of Restitution and Fines.

 Applications for Pardons are not sought as often as Clemency; however, we do assist with the preparation and presentation of these as well.




WECDA is proud to be a member of the Immigration Action Network.

We assists Detainees in federal custody who are serving a term and have an Immigration matter pending as well. 

At some point while  serving their sentence they may be served with a” Notice to appear” Detainer from Immigration.

Upon contacting us, we make all forms and information available to them as well as advising them of the options available. 

 We help determine if the Detainee is eligible for Asylum, or primarily, the U Visa. Because the individual is incarcerated, the forms and other qualifying information may be beyond their reach.

We determine whether a case for the U Visa exists, send forms to the appropriate law enforcement agency, and provide the detainee with any additional materials to comprise the package needed to establish their case to remain in the United States.

Primarily the detainees who fall under this provision are women who have been subjected to some type of Domestic Violence. or subjected to a crime against them. Men are not excluded, but domestic violence generally applies to females.

As we continue to assist going forward, we also establish contact with the various Clinics headed by Attorneys, or Law Schools having a legal presence close to the facility.

At some point, the preference is to have them assist in the representation of the Detainee in court.

 We also prepare various Motions for the pro se litigant facing removal proceedings.

Motion to vacate under 28 USC 2255
re: Jae Lee v United States, and under California AB 2867.

Arianne Armstrong consulting

Defense Mitigation Services



We provide assistance with  applying for a Pardon    

by preparing

 Petition (to the Office of the U.S. Pardon Attorney)


Remission or   Mitigation of 

Restitution/Fine (to Office of US 

Pardon Attorney)


Termination of   Supervised Release

 writ of error corm nobis




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